Download Play Store for PC

Google Play Store logo

Google Play Store is the official application store of Android. It is probably the most essential app of the operating system and it should be installed on any mobile or tablet. This time we will explain how to download PC Play Store, but first we will make a brief introduction to the larger application market of the world.

Google Play was launched in 2008 but it was called with a different name. Its original name was Android Market, and since it was launched, it has grown to become what it is today, a platform to delivery applications with more than 1 million registered applications. In March 2012, it was renamed Google Play, or most commonly known as Play Store.

If you’re reading this article it’s because you would like to install Play Store on your PC. You should know that it is an application only for Android, so it is not possible to install it directly on your PC. However, there are two methods that allow you to enjoy Google Play from your PC. Either because you like to play games on a big screen or simply because you want to try the apps from a computer, you should read the tutorial below.

Enjoy Play Store in your PC

First method: the simplest way to use it is just entering the web version of Play Store. The great advantage of this method is that we can download our Android terminal applications remotely. So you will just sync Google Play with your Gmail account and all the apps you want to download from the Web version will be installed in your Android device (either mobile or tablet) remotely.

It is very comfortable and easy.

Second method: make your computer believe that you are using Android operating system by using an emulator. To do this, all you have to do is to download a program called BlueStacks. Enter the website of the above link to download the program. The installation is very simple and you will see that it is like any other Windows program.

BlueStacks allow you to have Android installed on your PC, running any game or application designed for this operating system.

Once you have finished installing the emulator, you can simulate a virtual Android device. It’s like you have an Android mobile or tablet but on your computer from which you can download and install all the applications you want and on the big screen. The application you are interested in, Play Store, is installed by default so you only need to click on its icon to run it.

An interesting feature that also offers BlueStacks is the ability to sync your Android phone or tablet with the emulator letting you to have on your PC to the same applications you have in your Android terminal but on a big screen.

Google Play on BlueStacks

This is how Play Store for PC will look when you have installed BlueStacks on your computer. As you can see, it works perfectly and is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy Android and its applications from the comfort of your PC.