Download Play Store for mobile

This time we will explain how you can download Play Store for mobile, but first we will explain what this tool is for and, of course, the reason why you may not have it in your device.

What is Play Store for mobile

Download Play Store for mobile

Play Store for mobile is a simple application that gives you direct access to the Google Play store.

Perhaps you’ve browsed sometimes on Google Play, but the problem is that this is convenient if you are in front of your PC, but if you are not home and you want to download and install applications, games, etc. directly from your device, the best way is through Play Store.

This tool is installed by default on our phones, but it might not work correctly because of an error, or even because there are devices from China which do not have it installed. So it is important to complete the installation process to get the full potential of your mobile.

How to install Google Play Store on your mobile device

To install Play Store for mobile, you first need to download the file. However, it is important that you choose it correctly, and you are going to have three different possibilities.

If your device is old and has Android operating system 2.2 or earlier versions, you will have to download the APK Android Market 2.3.6.

For smartphones and tablets with Android operating system with versions from 4.0 to 4.3 you should download the Play Store 5.0.38 APK. Once we have completed the installation of this version, the next step is Play Store update to the latest version, which can be done directly from our device very easily.

Finally, if you have a device with Android operating system 4.4.2 or later you can directly install the latest version of Play Store 5.4.12 released in April of this year.

How to enable third-party app installation

Installing Play Store on mobile devices

However, if we execute our file in our device you will realize that something stops you. This is because a security system that prevents installation of external applications.
However, all you have to do is to set up your mobile for installation.

In that case, you should enter into Preferences and then into Settings. Then enter Applications and enable the “Unknown sources” box.

Now we can install it without problems, but of course we recommend to uncheck the box again once you’ve finished to ensure your safety.

Now you only have to put the file on the microSD card and run it, and within minutes the installation will begin, a fast and easy process. Of course, before starting, we advise you to check that you have enough battery power, to avoid the interruption of the installation if we want to avoid problems.

With these simple steps we expect from now on that you are able to download Play Store for mobile and install it on your devices this essential tool, which will help you maximize the potential of your smart phone.