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Smart phones and tablets are almost small computers, but it is clear that their full potential is useless if you do not have access to the best applications, tools and games of the market. That is why today you should download Play Store, an essential application that will help you to access all the Google Play content from your device.

What is Google Play Store

Play Store is an application which can be installed on your Smartphone and Tablet with Android operating system through which we have direct access to the official Google Play store. With Play Store you are able to access all the tools, magazines, books, games and generally a wide range of fantastic content to make maximum use of our devices and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

But of course, we will not only find useful tools for leisure and entertainment, but we will also have access to very interesting features that will help you in your work and in your studies, as well as to improve our social life letting us to keep in touch with people all over the world.

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By default, Play Store for Android is installed on our devices when we buy it, but there are some reasons why you might try to find the application and you can’t find it anywhere. Generally, this can happen because we have acquired a device from China, in which, for legal reasons and by default, Play Store is not installed. But there are other reasons why we can’t access the Google Play store from our device, such as that Play Store has been removed by any error from our smartphone or tablet, or that functions incorrectly due to an error, or that we may even occasionally have removed it because we think we’re not going to use it.

In any case, it is important to bear in mind that if we don’t find Play Store or even if we want to reinstall it due to malfunction, the entire process can be carried out very easily and fast, but, especially for new users, we will briefly explain the whole process step by step for you to avoid difficulties.

How to download and install Play Store

Download Google Play Store APK

Well, let’s make two main processes to enjoy Play Store. First you will proceed to download the file and after that you will start the installation. Now we are going to detail both processes separately.

As you know, it is required to have an installer to install a program, and in our case, it is a file we execute through our device.It is important to take into account that there are different versions of Google Play Store, and, according to the version of your operating system, it can be more interesting one version to another.

In this regard, here we upload the Google Play Store APK 5.6.8 known as the latest Play Store version. However, to avoid problems, we also upload a couple of previous versions you can install and then update, that is, if there is any problem with the latest version, all you will have to do is download any of this two, and once the installation process is finished you will only have to upgrade to the latest version.

In any case, this file will be able to be downloaded directly from your PC, so you will save data. If you want to download it from your device, in this regard, we recommend you to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Installing Google Play

Since you already have the file, the next step you will take is to configure your device to enable the installation of external files. Android has a safety system that prevents the execution of files and manual installation. In this case, you will obviously execute an external file, so you will have to access the Settings and then to click on Security. If you scroll down you will find “Unknown sources”, and in the right you will find a checkbox. All you have to do is to check this checkbox and accept the changes. Now you should go where the downloaded file had been stored, as said in the previous point, and you only have to run it. The installation begins and within minutes we will have finished installing the latest version of Play Store.

However, before finishing everything we suggest you to return to the Security section to disable the “Unknown sources” checkbox. It don’t usually have any consequences if you keep it enable, but by mistake, a software that harms performance can enter in your device, in which case it important to be as protected as possible against the threat.

Now you can begin to use Play Store to confirm that everything works adequately. In case of errors or malfunction, all you have to do is to download any of the previous versions of Play Store, which links were uploaded before, and make a new installation.
In theory, everything should work correctly, so you will only have to upgrade it and every problem should be solved.

If you have followed this simple step by step tutorial you may have noticed that it is really easy to download Play Store and to complete a manual installation. Of course, if you any doubt arise you only have to contact us.